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A Healthier You!

posted Feb 16, 2014, 9:12 AM by Dr. Elham Khajavi

   "Regular dental cleanings!"  "Routine dental checkups!"  We've all heard these phrases time and time again!  But do we really know the importance of having these done?
    Oral health care is important to your overall health.  Patients choose to "skip" their routine cleanings for many reasons.  "Nothing is hurting or bothering me."  "We aren't covered by dental insurance right now."  "I just can't find the time to make an appointment, maybe next month."  Do any of these comments sound familiar?  You are not alone!  Even though we are guilty of putting off our dental check-ups for a variety of reasons, we need to understand how important they really are.  Most dental issues such as decay and gum disease start without any discomfort to the patient.  Waiting on a dental cleaning can cause these conditions to worsen without a person even realizing they have a potential problem occurring in their mouth.  Also, it is a known fact that the bacteria that thrive in everyone's mouth does not just stay in the mouth.  It travels thru the blood stream to your entire body.  For this reason alone, keeping your mouth and oral tissues as healthy as possible is a benefit to your overall health! 
    So, if you are one of those patients that are "overdue" for your dental check-up, please schedule an appointment today for a healthier you!