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Dr. Khajavi DDS, Mission Viejo - Jobs Handled in General Dentistry

posted Nov 1, 2013, 10:22 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 11, 2014, 3:08 PM by Dr. Elham Khajavi ]
General dentistry is needed profession that we've all taken advantage of once or twice. In reality, we should be visiting a dentist at least twice a year. A general dentist performs a lot of useful jobs that our teeth really need, even if we don’t visit them as much as we should. If you don’t have a check-up on your upcoming schedule, then it might be time you considered visiting Dr. Khajavi DDS in Mission Viejo, CA . Here are a couple of the jobs they commonly tackle.

Dental cleaning is one of the most common procedures you’ll receive from a general dentist. As the name implies, this is the simple process of cleaning the teeth and filling in any developing tooth cavities. Teeth, even those brushed daily, often build up stains over the years. This can come from drinking too much coffee, smoking cigarettes, or just the type of food you eat. Cleaning your teeth is more than just cosmetic though. It also helps remove small buildups of food that we all experience, even if we don’t know it. They then apply an antibacterial solution to protect the teeth before closing any cavities with an amalgam paste. This helps return the teeth to a nearly-new state.

No one likes a root canal, but it is one of the many treatments performed in general dentistry. The purpose of a root canal is fairly simple: to remove the infection within a tooth’s pulp or gum, without compromising the integrity or form of the tooth. This can be said to be a pretty painful experience for some, but advances in medicine and technology are making the job easier and less-painful all of the time. An infection, if unattended, can become extremely painful and cause serious inflammation in the gums. Rather than remove the entire tooth for one problem, a root canal works around the existing tooth to extract the infection. It is a very delicate procedure, but a well-trained dentist can handle it with ease.