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posted Mar 2, 2014, 2:17 PM by Dr. Elham Khajavi   [ updated Mar 2, 2014, 2:28 PM ]


Then & Now


Have you ever stopped to wonder how far dentistry has come?  For most of us, a trip to the dentist is one of the least favorite things we do!  We know it is a necessity for our overall health, but it’s not on the top of our priority list!  Let’s consider some of the positive changes that have occurred over the years regarding a patient’s dental visit!

Dentist’s standing up all day to perform dentistry – THEN.

Dentist’s seated to perform procedures – NOW.


Patient’s seated in a hard, uncomfortable, minimalist dental chair – THEN.

Patient’s reclining in a soft, comfy, padded dental chair (watching TV) – NOW.


X-Rays taken with the patient holding the film with their finger – THEN.

X-Rays taken digitally – radiation reduced dramatically – NOW.


Dental procedures done with or without Novocain – THEN.

Dental procedures done with numbing gel, then a gentle injection of anesthetic – NOW.


Dental Hygienists/Assistant’s wearing dresses with caps on their head – THEN.

Dental Hygienists/Assistant’s wearing sterile professional scrubs – NOW.


Infection control -  not as high of priority as it is today – THEN.

Infection control –top of the line ultrasonic cleaning followed by state of the art Autoclave sterilization – NOW.


Restorative work – amalgam fillings, bulky crowns & removable partials – THEN.

Restorative work – natural looking composite fillings and bondings, “veneer” crowns and implants – NOW.


Dental cleanings done with a pick-ax and hammer (it seemed!) – THEN.

Dental cleanings performed with ultrasonic cleaning instruments and some hand scaling – NOW.


The list goes on & on.  Advances in technology have resulted in amazing improvements in our ability to care for the dental health of our patients.  Going to the dentist today may not be a top priority for you, but you can be assured that your overall experience at your next dental appointment will be more comfortable, more efficient and done with state of the art equipment.  We look forward to making your experience of “going to the dentist” a pleasant and positive appointment!