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"X-ray Vision" Khajavi DDS

posted Jun 16, 2014, 1:36 PM by Dr. Elham Khajavi


Dental x-rays!  Very few patients “like” to have dental x-rays taken.   “Why do I need to have x-rays when nothing is bothering me” they say.  “I don’t want the extra radiation” is another comment dental professionals often hear.

  At Khajavi DDS we address this issue daily.  Dental x-rays are an invaluable diagnostic tool used for the detection of dental decay and other dental anomalies.  It is impossible to see between the teeth, inside the teeth, beneath the gums or in and around the bone without the use of a dental x-ray.  Decay can start without any pain or discomfort to the patient.  Early detection of a cavity helps patients avoid pain as well as possible extensive dental treatment in the future.

  In our office we use digital x-ray equipment.  Using this technology enables the images to be saved on the computer so viewing is immediate.   This alleviates the wait time for “developing” the x-rays and digital x-rays reduce the radiation exposure to the patient by close to 80%! 

The frequency of dental x-rays is dependent on the individual patient.  Dental professionals take into consideration the patient’s health history, their medical history including medications they are currently taking, and the clinical condition of their mouth.  Do they have current decay, root exposure or multiple filled surfaces?  All of these factor in to how often you will need to have dental x-rays taken.  While in our care, we will consider the situation and assess whether an x-ray is necessary to diagnose and treat a tooth. Your health and well- being is always our top priority.

So the next time you need to have dental x-rays taken, remember that they are a necessary diagnostic tool important for the overall health of your mouth and teeth!